Gotten back into riding around on the weekends, but takes 5 minutes to cram my bike into the back of my Pathfinder and 5 to take it back out.

Took 2 bikes Sunday and it was more like 10 and 10.

Pro was that during lunch afterwards, I knew the bikes were safe.

Bought a hitch-mount Thule Vortex 2 today. New model coming out so marked down from $270 to $200.

Hell of a lot easier load/unload, but even with a sh*tload of locks I'm going to be nervous about the bikes being exposed if left for a couple hours.

You see a LOT of bike frames around here, still locked up but missing both wheels, pedals, and seat.

Few years ago an employee locked up his $3000 bike directly outside. Couple of minutes after closing he heard the ping of his very expensive cable lock being cut.

Took off out the back door and grabbed his bike as it was being wheeled away by dude 1, as dude 2 walked away with a massive pair of bolt cutters.

Offered to fight both of them as they walked away calling him a chickensh*t