Hi. The Geek Squad dude in Best Buy told me I should ditch Win 7 ASAP and move up to Win10. It didn't dawn on me tat he's trying to drum up new sales of PCs, software, or whatever. I've been running Win 7 with an SSD for a HD and it runs nice. Yesterday I saved all my files to an external drive and then too the SSD out and tried to install it in my other Dell tower PC but was not successful so I ran the Win10 as is and it runs OK.
I was thinking about having a guy at a computer repair place install the SSD in the Win10 machine, then I was talking to some guy who suggested I keep running Win 7, even after MS stops supporting it in 2020.

What would you do? Would the Win7 PC get unstable and would I have any chance of getting ripped off or hacked if I ran it past 2019?

Or would I be better off to stay on Win 10 with or without the SSD?

Thanks again.