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Thread: Good time for a new PC build?

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    Good time for a new PC build?

    I know y for the last couple of years I've been playing with the idea of building a new machine. I usually end up talking myself out of it by rationalizing that my current setup does what I need it to do. But it's still getting pretty long in the tooth. I was browsing component prices the other day and it appears that memory and SSD / Nvme prices have dropped considerably. This really got my attention. I started adding up in my head what a new build was going to cost and I liked the numbers I was coming up with.

    All I need is a Mobo, CPU, Memory, Storage and Vid Card. My case, pse and everything else is in good working order.

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    AMD is getting ready to release new CPU and new X570 PCIe 4 chipset very soon, i am watching very closely, memory prices are falling right now, and Nvme drives are really coming down as you stated.

    PCIe4 Nvme drives are to be here soon with read/write speeds of over 5000GB/sec speeds, cost i am not sure of but am waiting.

    go here and have a look around.........

    i may build in winter time

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    Almost there myself.

    Current rig works fine but is an older custom build that I've just kept adding on to as normal.

    Have you checked out,4390.html ?

    Lots of good info and comparisons.

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    Both newer generation Intel and AMD CPUs are good.. AMDs CPUs are a bit faster for the price (and a bit more power-hungry), Intels have a few more MoBo chipset options available.

    I usually lookup CPU performance/prica at PassMark -->
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