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Thread: Two networks on one account

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    Two networks on one account

    I need advise on setting up a home network. I have a main house on the upper two floors and a basement suite. I want to run two separate networks on the same internet account. I plan on going from the line in to the gateway bridged out port 1 wan to a 2 port network switch to two separate routers. One router has wifi and 2 wired ports in the suite and the other router has an 8 port switch running to the various rooms in the main house with the wifi turned off and a mesh network attached to two of the lines on the main and upper floor. Will this work? Will the suite and main networks be isolated? Do you foresee any issues with this?

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    If you'd like to run two separate networks, you will have to carefully configure them to be in two different IP blocks. In general, private IP blocks will not be routable outside the NAT router, so they will be separate, regardless of whether your main gateway is bridged, or you're doing double NATs. Just be careful so that there are no two devices/routers on the same network with the same IP address. Also, you'd likely have to configure them from within the corresponding network, most modern routers will not allow for management from outside the LAN by default.

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