We bought our granddaughter a lower end HP Laptop about 2 years ago. We didn't want to spend too much on a laptop for a 13 y/o girl, that is why we were trying to save a couple of buck. Anyway, this thing is not only a dog, it appears to have gotten even worse. I'm not sure what she did to it but I have the Laptop for a couple of days and I'm trying to get it to work properly. It's never going to be that fast, it's only an i3 intel thing. But I do know that something is wrong.

About 2 weeks ago I had initally tried to get it to work. I must have spend 7 hours trying to get the HDD from running at 100%. After spending way too much time trying to diagnose this thing I gave up. But in the meantime I kept searching the web. About the only thing other than a restore of the laptop to original setup is that I read that it might have something to do with the hibernate function. I'm going to try that and I'll report back. Believe me, I'v search every HP support group and tried every solution. Up to now, nothing.

Sorry if I'm rambling. it's just driving me crazy. And yes, I've looked at all the running processes etc. I've checked all the usually things that should be doing this and I can find nothing.

Rant over.