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Thread: Why not set autotuninglevel=experimental

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    Why not set autotuninglevel=experimental

    Hello as I understand autotuninglevel is limits the max. TcpWindowSize
    But why not set autotuninglevel=experimental?

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    It is not just a set limit. It determines how aggressively the TcpWindowSize is being allocated, i.e. it's a moving scale that gives you larger TCP Window for faster connections, or larger bandwidth, unless there is packet loss that would scale it back.

    Setting it to "experimental" allocates RAM very aggressively, it causes issue with some local LAN shares. Reportedly it may also cause issues connecting to some email servers, and with the CrashPlan backup system. You are welcome to try it, just make sure all your programs and network shares still work with it, and that you have plenty of RAM.

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