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    ok my kids iPhone started showing up as this weird IP address . not like the rest of devices that are connected to my router and it kept dos attacking dif targets several dif targets . all targets are American infrastructure and the source IP is Chinese lol. anyhow I try adjusting some settings on the router and the (hacker) notice d and now is dos attacking my ip as the target and now source is a Florida ip plus still attacking several dif targets (America infrastructure etc) like in the hundreds ping of deaths etc every couple seconds. are they hijacking my router to commit cyber terrorism or is it amplified dos attacks on my IP how can I make it stop?

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    There is not enough information in order to help you.

    What is a "weird IP address" ? Do you mean an IPv6 one, one assigned by your cellular provider, or one local to your LAN?
    How does an external attacker dos attacks "diff targets" on your network if you use internal, non-routable IP addresses? If you are forwarding ports to them, stop and no external IP will be able to reach them (unless they are already compromised).

    There is no easy way to stop a dos attack or portscans, a newer router with updated firmware will provide some degree of protection.

    I don't know what you mean by "plus still attacking several dif targets," are you saying that you are compromised and attacking others? If that is the case, start with the clients, run anti-virus, Malwarebytes, etc. Update the router firmware (some have vulnerabilities), change the admin password, disable remote administration.
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