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Thread: M.2 problems in both sockets ROG Hero X

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    M.2 problems in both sockets ROG Hero X

    So I recently got an m.2 drive and I first put it into the m.2_1 on my ROG Hero X mobo and booted up, it hung for ages but eventually booted and windows has detected it, I had to go to computer management but that's all fine. My problem is I am unable to get into bios now that I have the drive installed.
    If I plug the m.2 into the m.2_2 socket I get a 78 error on the board and it never boots, I also have the same issue where I can't get into bios.

    The m.2 I want to use as my main drive eventually but for now its a secondary drive to store my games.

    I have even tried it with just the m.2 drive (as I have 4 other HDD's) and I still can't get into bios.

    Does anyone know why I can't get into BIOS or how to fix it?

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    1. I would remove any m.2 drives first.
    2. Make sure the CPU is seated correctly, and the board is not touching/shorting anything.
    3. Disconnect and reconnect any Video card and RAM modules.
    4. Run a memtest to make sure that RAM is fine.
    5. Update BIOS with a flash drive, if an old build.

    Check if you can get to BIOS fine at this point, then try to connect only one drive and see if that is what makes the difference. You will have eliminated many other possibilities, and you should try to isolate the problem to a single component. Could even be a bent pin on the m.2 slot.
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    I'm not sure if this applies but I found this PDF on the Asus site. Hope it helps.


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