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Thread: Any benefit from conduit?

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    Any benefit from conduit?

    I will be running a home run from my NID splitter to the modem. As I have all the necessary materials, I am thinking of running the CAT5 cable through steel conduit from the bottom of the NID box through the wall and into a metal outlet box before it emerges into the room to connect to the modem.

    Does anyone have any data as to whether the conduit will provide any additional shielding? The main electrical panel is a few feet away in the same room that the CAT5 will emerge into, and I think a bit of RFI may be present without a good shield.

    Also, any suggestions for shielding the CAT5 from the outlet box to the modem?

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    Metal provides good reflection of RFI/EMI. EMI dissipates pretty fast with distance over air, so I wouldn't worry about it much. If you still want to add something for the remaining run, you can use shielded Cat6 cable. Any conductive wrapper provides some type of shielding in general.
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