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Thread: TcpWindowSize is limited

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    TcpWindowSize is limited

    (Sorry for my bad English)

    My TcpWindowSize in registry is 496400.
    I downloaded a WireShark to make sure that all okey.
    And i noticed that my TcpWindowSize is 262144
    Help me, what`s wrong?
    Windows 10, WindowsScalingOption=256
    P.S And TcpAnalyzer say the same

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    Windows 10 uses an "auto tuning" algorithm to determine what size RWIN is needed at the moment depending on network conditions. You can control how aggressively this algorithm allocates the RWIN value, however, you can't control it directly, it does not follow the registry value. The relevant settings that are editable in Windows 10 are covered by the TCP Optimizer.
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