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Thread: Is the Cisco 2610 Router a good choice ?

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    Question Is the Cisco 2610 Router a good choice ?

    Bouncer, or anyone who has used the Cisco 2600 series routers, can you share your experience and any thoughts ? I'm thinking of getting one to use with a T1 and relocate the site to my PoP... UUNet quoted me a burstable T1 at $500 + TelCo charges, some 50% off March promotion.

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    2610 eh?

    Hmm...that's usually a LAN to LAN router, as opposed to a WAN router. I'm guessing you're planning on running NAT and firewall on it? If so, you may want to consider the 2620, as it has a 50mhz processor vs the 40mhz chip in the 2610.

    Do me a favor..I'm gonna email you from work. Give me an idea of what kinda network ops you're doing/planning. That'd really help me give you a better answer.

    I like UUNet, but be aware that with burstable, you get UPTO a T1 (rarely), and usually a lower Committed Information Rate. You may want to find out what your CIR is if you're planning on doing voice/video or QoS Quality of Service on the router. You need certain minimum CIRs for these applications.

    Im not against burstable at all, just something you should be aware of if you didn't know.


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