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    Ok, win 2k works great and I reach crazy speeds of 730KB/s on downloads. I share my internet connection through ICS and it works perfect. The only problem is, i can't gain access to the win 2k server from a client computer. I get this password window that does not accept any of my passwords set in win 2K. Should I set up login names for 2K and have all clients log into it? Second, how in the hell do I get Linux to work with my @Home cable connection or through a network. Thanks

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    I am not too familiar with W2K, but if the permissions are similar to NT, then I would say go ahead and setup user names/login on the W2K box.

    As for setting up Linux on a network, whole books have been writen for that subject. An excellent site, IMO, to start off at would be The site has some great help files and links to other linux help sites.

    Good luck.



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