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Thread: iPhone Management Software

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    iPhone Management Software

    Looking for a really good program to use to backup my iPhone. One where I can copy the contacts from the iPhone to the PC. But then have the capability to open and edit the contacts that are on the PC, even if I don't have my iPhone connected. Also full copying and transferring of music, videos, photos etc. I installed and tested CopyTrans:Contacts and it falls short. Could not see any way to edit the contacts that are on the PC. I also want to be sure it will capture the number type, (iPhone, Mobile, Home, etc.). CopyTrans listed numbers I put in as iPhone as "Other". Also I would like if it would capture the name of any associated ringtone (if not using the default).

    Anyone know of a good solution that would meet all (or most) of these requirements.

    And even though I backed up the iPhone with iTunes, I cannot see the contact in iTunes at all.

    Very new to Apple & iPhone, have only had it a little over a week.

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    Wish I could help you, not into the "I"stuff.

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    Since I use Exchange Server for my email, and Microsofts Outlook app for smart phones...Outlook on the smart phone (be it Android or iphone) syncs to my Exchange mailbox. And of course...Outlook on my computers syncs to my mailbox. Thus...edits done on either my phone, or one of my computers, syncs across all.

    While not really a "backup" program...if you're looking to sync edited contacts...I handle that via my email setup. Not need to back it up. I could flush my phone down the toilet and get a new one...stick Outlook on it, connect to my mailbox, BOOM..all there, nothing lose.
    Adding OneDrive for Business...I can say the same for all my computers...nothing would get lost.
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