Looking for a really good program to use to backup my iPhone. One where I can copy the contacts from the iPhone to the PC. But then have the capability to open and edit the contacts that are on the PC, even if I don't have my iPhone connected. Also full copying and transferring of music, videos, photos etc. I installed and tested CopyTrans:Contacts and it falls short. Could not see any way to edit the contacts that are on the PC. I also want to be sure it will capture the number type, (iPhone, Mobile, Home, etc.). CopyTrans listed numbers I put in as iPhone as "Other". Also I would like if it would capture the name of any associated ringtone (if not using the default).

Anyone know of a good solution that would meet all (or most) of these requirements.

And even though I backed up the iPhone with iTunes, I cannot see the contact in iTunes at all.

Very new to Apple & iPhone, have only had it a little over a week.