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Thread: Need Help with Win98 SE ICS

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    Unhappy Need Help with Win98 SE ICS

    I tried setting up ICS, I can't connect to the web from my host pc when it is enabled. It is dishing out ip's to my client pc's but they can't connect either. I was using wingate prior to this. Can anyone help me set this up??????????? Thanks

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    Hey i just set up 2 comps using windows ics too. Did it today. I did try some or programs like sysgate had trouble with it. So i uninstalled it and then i went here

    I followed that step by step and i got my shared connection working. Works great too
    Also make sure those nics green lights are on to make sure they work. Because when i connect the cable to each ethernet i notice the lights on the back the nics were not green. I had got the wrong cable hehe.

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    Here's a good tips page re 98SE & ICS & links to MSKB articles that apply to ICS:


    Coming soon to a desktop near you!

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    Originally posted by TonyT:
    Here's a good tips page re 98SE & ICS & links to MSKB articles that apply to ICS:

    Hey, thanks for the tips, I did get it working though. It was my ZoneAlarm firewall preventing the connection. Found the answer on their web site. Thanks again

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    I have ICS on win 2k, and will have it on win 98se to, but I found some things out. The only way the clients can use ICS is if the nic cards have no settings at all. Otherwise it can't ping anything and basically does not work


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