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Thread: Really Stuck on Peer to Peer

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    Angry Really Stuck on Peer to Peer

    I have the right cable (crossover).I have set up client for microsoft networks.I have TCP/IP protocols in and specified the right adresses and subnet mask.The NIC's are working no conflicts. I have Windows98SE on both machines. The card lights have the same connection speed lit up. The workgroups are the same name, I have file and print sharing enabled a C: drive on share. What am I doing wrong!

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    well, lets start off by you telling us what you are trying to accomplish. then we can help you.


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    I'm going to assume that you want to network two computers using a crossover cable connected to the network cards of both computers (no hub) and that you can't see the other computer when you browse in Network neighbourhood.

    Easy fix first.On the driver disk you got with your Nic (Network Interface Card)there should be a program for you to test your network cards and network cabling in dos, by passing windows all together. One card is setup as the intiator and the other as the responder. It's usually called Setup, but check with the read me file first. If this tests out OK, then you know the problem isn't hardware related.

    W98 can have problems browsing for other PC's on a network. So use the find computer tool in tools in explorer, just type in the computers name.

    If both Nic's on your PC's are similar, go to the advanced properties for the Nic on one of the PC's and change the "Adaptor Slot number" from 0 to 1.(Worked for me).

    W9X doesn't alway report conflicts accuratly. Don't rely on device manager to report conflicts. Double check what resources your Nic's use in System information which is found in Start/Accessories/System tools.(Especially ISA cards).

    On my home network I didn't have to worry about IP's and sub nets untill after I installed Internet connection sharing.

    Uninstall both cards, make sure to remove the drivers. Reinstall them and don't muck about with IP's and Subnets. I shouldn't be nessacary.As I said I did't have to touch IP's untill I install Internet connecion sharing and even windows did it for me.First check the things I 've stated above B4 you even look at an IP.

    Anyway if it helps on my home network only one of the PC's has a permanent IP ,use something like XXX.XXX.0.1 for the IP and a subnet of
    Both PC's have NetBios support enabled.

    On the PC without a permanent IP Use DHCP is enabled in the Wins resolution tab, and Obtain IP address auto matically.

    In the DNS Config Tab both PC's have Disable DNS checked. Hope this helps.

    Try the easy steps first and make one change at a time.

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    Hate to post this because I know you are aiming for a peer to peer network, but yourself the time and by a cheap 5 port hub and a couple of cat5 cables. Fast, simply fix that also allows you to add in the future, or if your friends show up for a lan party.

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    The easiest win ME!!! Make sure all ur hardware is working...then get winME and run the wizard and let it do the rest for u. I ran into the SAME problem before, i was trying to use WinGate (internet sharing program on home network) but it pisses me off too much, so i ending up got winME. Works fine til now.

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    Originally posted by matt:
    specified the right adresses and subnet mask.
    What would that be?

    Are you logged on to each computer and have a unique computer name for each?

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    Do the ping check. First do RUN-COMMAND That will bring up a dos window. Then type ping (your computers name)

    It should list the IP address assigned to that computer. Do the same on the other computer. Then try to ping one from the other.

    But to make things simple, if all you are doing is file shareing etc. Then make sure you have the NetBeui protocol installed (like the TCP/IP protocol) on both computers.

    NetBeui is much easier to use for file sharing. I seem to have a less than 50-50 chance of TCP/IP working for file sharing.

    Now you do need TCP/IP if you are doing internet sharing.


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