Ok Guys heres the setup two pcs on win98SE and the other win2kpro. I have them connected thru the linksys router and they share my @home internet. So today I'm going about my business as usual reading posts on this site when all of the sudden my internet quits on me. I think nothing of it and figure its just @home getting config info for a dynamic ip but when I go into my network places in win2k I try to access my win98 pc and it gives me an not found error. So I figure this is strange, even if the net doesn't work, my local network should still operate. So I check the event viewer for a lead. I see a log of an 8033 error also called browser error. "The browser has forced an election on the network because a master browser was stopped."

Any clue what this is? I think it has something to do with why I'm loosing my network connections. It doesn't happen all the time just on occasion. I even tried switching nic cards...I'm currently using 3com nics 3C509C? Could it be the win98 causing a problem? Very strange...when this occurs my nic still shows link so cables and all are good and in fact the problem is usually solved after I reboot. I think something isn't getting along.

Any thoughts?