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Thread: ICS droping connection to ISP

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    Unhappy ICS droping connection to ISP

    I've been using ICS for about two months now, and ever since it keeps disconnecting from the ISP a reconnects immediately. However calls are costing me a lot since i pay per call not per time. Before I was using Netproxy 3.02 with win95 and was connected all day without problem. Anyideas...???? looking and the ICS log file i see that an error comes up a hangs the modem.. error reads: autodial can't get connection status....!!!! and hangs up !!! it's really anoying.... !!!! HELP PLEASE !!!!!

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    Reinstall your Ics software, This may help you. Plus check the settings in your Explorer. Last but not least Make sure your modem is working right. If none of these things work call your provider.

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    Make sure the filters that you plug each telephone into are positioned correctly; they have a wall and a phone side. Just one filter turned around will drop your line quality by 5dbs and make your dsl work erratically. This happened to me and the tech even installed one of my 5 filters backwards - it's easy to do. Don't forget to check the one on the automatic meter reading device on your water meter. That's the one in my home that was turned around.


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