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Thread: Broadcast live video to a TV (Wireless Preferred)

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    Broadcast live video to a TV (Wireless Preferred)

    First, if anyone recognizes the name, hello, its been about 8 years since my last post....

    I am trying to setup a video broadcast to a TV. I do not need to broadcast on the internet, just locally. The TV and camera would be in the same room.

    I found a solution: I downloaded EZCast app on my phone and it connects to my TVs chromecast and displays the live video feed from the camera. Unfortunately this solution lags and/or crashes far to much to be worth it. My feed would be going for 1-2 hours.

    I'll take any recommendations that you have, even if it requires purchasing additional equipment. I do not need to use a phone/tablet...

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    Hello, welcome back, heh.

    There are some HDMI wireless streamers, depends on the capabilities of the camera and the TV I suppose? The question is a bit general

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