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    New App for Testing

    Hi guys. i need your help for testing. It is safe.
    This should work on all Nvidia cards. Let me know if it does or have suggestions to improve. For now its tested on 3 computers. The cards are GTX970, GTX980Ti, GTX1070.

    Like K-Boost but better, easy, more convenient. It removes Power Saving & works on Highest Power State so the GPU works on Max Boost All The Time. The negatives are slightly Higher Power Consumption and Temps & Anti-Virus might tell you its virus because its not signed and need Microsoft License. Its not a virus 1000%. People who understand the topic know what i mean. Its made with AutoIt so it might have some license and Anti-Virus recognize it. Im not entirely sure.

    Overclock Might Be Slightly Higher or More Stable Now. The GPU might fluctuate a bit but it will be alot less & the GPU will have fastest response times when some big explosion occurs and/or bunch of enemies start shooting at you for example. Should help with the hit-reg. If it core clock fluctuates a lot it means this OC is not quite stable on this benchmark or game and you should lower it a bit. For example Its better to have 1525mhz all the time instead 1550mhz and to go down to 1480mhz. Screen Will Flicker or Go Black for a Sec. That's Normal.

    The other buton gives priority to few of the most popular games & lowers it to programs in the background, disables many of the services in the background to free system resources like CPU usage & RAM + clears Standby List and defrags the RAM so you dont have to restart your PC if its been on for long time or have many applications enabled (or Chrome with many tabs) using 2 small exes I found in internet, Im sure many people use them too. People have enough RAM these days but the CPU overhead can reduce your CPU responce times and For people with 4 cores or less this is a must have.
    Its portable




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