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Thread: Horizon Zero Dawn - PC

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    Horizon Zero Dawn - PC

    So I was excited for the Horizon premiere on Steam and I thought I would buy it instantly. However, before I had clicked PURCHASE button I looked at the reviews and....I gasped. Is that title really that terribly optimized? I held off buying this game because I want to be able to play my heart out once purchased but it doesn't seem eligible for that now?
    Did any of you got it for PC? How is it really? What kind of patch is needed?

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    This was the case from the very beginning when the game was released in steam on PC, now everything is optimized, Risen 3100+ 1650 super 16gb RAM is stable 70fps

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    I was out of touch with gaming when this came out and bought it on a whim when it was on sale. Still one of the best games I've ever bought. I still can't believe Aloy wasn't voiced by Kristen Bell, I could have sworn it was her voice.

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