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Thread: Need advice for a friend on livestreaming

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    Need advice for a friend on livestreaming

    A friend of is currently livestreaming on facebook using a hotspot (not wi-fi). He is searching for a livestreaming program that he can livestream to another social media site using the same. He is on MeWe and cannot find a way to do it.

    Any suggestions?

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    The software would primarily depend on the Operating System he's running (i.e. Windows/Mac/Android ?), the camera(s) he's using, whether they are looking at free/paid apps, as well as whether the social site/platform is supported by the particular software. These are too many variables to give out a generic recommendation imho. Some of the popular options would be Xsplit (has a free version), "Google Hangouts on Air", Open Broadcaster, among many others I guess.

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    Thank you Philip, I will let him know.

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    Live streaming is a tool that allows direct engagement with the users. As per my opinion, every media has its separate live stream feature like for e.g., Instagram allows to share the stories in go-live feature and same in case of facebook... If your friend wants to get more users then he has to target the users just by using different social media. I will suggest to use Instagram and Youtube live.

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