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Thread: [Router] Packet loss normal? ( 40-50% )

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    [Router] Packet loss normal? ( 40-50% )

    Hello Speedguide,

    I am slowly despairing to find a solution for the problem. I have already contacted my internet provider but it did not work.
    My Problem is i have Issues with Hit detection ( Hitreg ) since i moved from my old place. Even Tweaks are not helping, not even 1%.

    When i shot at someone the most time it feels like more then 60% is gone lose on the way.(Not only CSGO all Online Games)
    Or sometimes Shots are not registered from Server. ( I clearly saw it when i shot at the Window in CSGO like 3-4 Times and the Window is not broken i only see Bulletshole or when i Shot at the Chicken i see Bloodpattern on )
    Other Game, i was shooting someone Close Distance with Shotgun in the Head normaly instant dead, but my friend was Spectating me and said, i didnt even shot at him on his end. ? WTF

    I Found out that PingPlotter and WINMrt showes me Packetloss on my Router, like 40-60%.

    Is it normal, i asked in ISP Forum and they Said its normal because ICMP Packets got blocked from Router, but now i dont believe it. Because i cant find any Solution for that Problem and i was testing it with 2 PCs both PCs Router has Packetloss and i
    tried 4 Different Routers with Differents Cables, same Issue. So now what? Is something wrong? Or not?



    Router DSL Information:



    Traceroute with UDP:

    Btw. I asked technician when he checked my Line. He Only did Down/Upload Speedtest and checked FEC Error with a Device on my Phone Port. WOW
    About PingPlotter he said he has no Idea about it.

    Sorry for my bad English
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