Hi I am looking to tweak my settings with TCP Optimizer and need some help. I have a 1 gigabit connection however this computer is connected through wifi so it's a lot slower. Just trying to speed things up:

SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results
Tested on: 2018.11.28 20:26
IP address: 72.209.x.xx
Client OS/browser: Windows 10 (Chrome 70.0.3538.110)

TCP options string: 020405b40103030801010402
MSS: 1460
MTU: 1500
TCP Window: 65536 (not multiple of MSS)
RWIN Scaling: 8 bits (2^8=256)
Unscaled RWIN : 256
Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840
BDP limit (200ms): 2621kbps (328KBytes/s)
BDP limit (500ms): 1049kbps (131KBytes/s)
MTU Discovery: ON
TTL: 116
Timestamps: OFF
IP ToS: 00000000 (0)