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Thread: [Win10 - OS - 64bit] [GER] Apollo Edition :)

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    [Win10 - OS - 64bit] [GER] Apollo Edition :)

    Release Name: Apollo Edition
    OS: Windows 10 Professional 17763.1 ( 1809 )
    Architecture: x64
    Language: German ( only for now )

    Hello Speedguide & Members,

    I didnt asked for permission yet, but i will release a Custom Build for Windows 10 including Programs, Tweaks, Theme... ( First i will not Tweak everything to keep the Build Stable )
    I would appreciate it, when someone can help me with Tweaking the TCPIP.sys and Settings! ( To get Permission to change the DelayAck ( ReadOnly ) Values, they are Read-only on Desktop Versions, but not on Server maybe there is a solution to switch the Drivers from Server Edition to Desktop to get more Performance, if someone understand the Basics for getting it work it would be ****ing nice! )
    Because Microsoft isn't Open Source and you get no Information from TechTeam, we need to find a other solution. Most Windows 10 Version Sucks and it even Sucks more with new Releases.

    The main reason is to optimize the operating system for games

    So if Phil (or others) give me the Permission to Upload ( share links ) i will post it, otherwise i will post it on TeamOS.

    The Custom Build is complete Clean no Virus no Malware no UEFI BIOS Backdoors. I will first release a German Version later if everything runs fine a English Version.

    What would you wish for to include? ( i will Post Screenshots soon )

    Current Changelog:

    Apollo Edition - Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1809
    !CEIP (SQM)
    !Telemetry Client(Asimov)
    !Gemeinsamer PC-Modus
    !Netzwerk Registry
    !dmwappushsvc (Push-Nachrichten)
    !Mobile Devices Component (MDM)
    !Media Streaming (Streaming to other Devices Local Network)
    !Remote Registry
    !Resource-Manager for Dataserver
    !Server eingeleitete Client heilung
    !Universalbenachrichtigungsplattform (UNP)
    !WaaS Bewertung
    !WLan Sens
    !Windows Biometrie Dienst
    !Windows Location Framework Dienst
    !Windows Remoteverwaltung (WS Verwaltung)
    !Zugewiesener Zugriff
    !General-Purpose I/O (GPIO)
    !iSCI Initiator
    !Point of Service (POS) (BarcodeScanner...)
    #Tablet Dienst
    Nur Deutsch
    !DVD Wiedergabe ( USE OTHER TOOLS )
    !Game Explorer
    !Intel Indeo Codecs
    !Spatial Sound (3D Audio - Dolby)
    !Video Compression Manger ACM Codecs
    !Active Directory
    !Arbeitsordner Client
    !Offline Data
    !RPD RemotedesktopClient
    !Zahlungen und NFC / SE Manager
    !*SMB Allgemein Server
    !*TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    !*NetBIOS TCP
    !Benutzerdatenspeicher ( Telemetry - Userdatasaving )
    !Bildpasswort ( PicturePassword )
    !Bildschirmtastartur ( TabletPC )
    !UAC [CRITICAL in Compatibility]
    !Device Experience
    !Disk Quota
    !Einfache Übertragung ( Send Settings to other/new PC )
    !Hyper-V Compatibility
    !Netzwerk Projection
    !xbox peripherals
    Windows Apps:
    !DevQuery Background Apps 
    !Settings Synchronis.
    !Einzelhandel Demo
    !Netzwerkverbindungsvermittler ( STORE )
    !Webcam Erfahrung
    !Windows Gemischte Wirklichkeit
    !Windows Media Player
    !SMB Direct ( File Sharing Local Network ) 
    BlueScreen Autorestart - Off
    Benutzerkontensteuerung (UAC) - Off
    PageFile - On
    AutoReplay - Off ( DVD.. Autoruns )
    Balloon Tipps - Off
    Rightclick replace CMD with PS - On
    Mercurian for Windows 10 by devillnside
    All Credits for this Theme goes to Mercurian & DarkKnight2264.
    !winrar-x64-561d.exe (german)
    !Chrome (28/10/2018-OnlineSetup)
    !Steam (28/10/2018-OnlineSetup)
    !npp.7.5.9.Installer.x64 + Material Theme (Dark) for Notepad++
    !Sidebar Diagnostics
    !UltraUXThemePatcher_3.5.0 MD5: 1dd8064b7db6fa8b5e6d1c46e160152f
    !NetFramework 3.5
    Greetings St1cky

    PS: Keep in mind Tweaking will not change ISP behavior ( or bad Cable-DSL Connections ) its just fine tuning! ( I couldnt sleep guys and im sick of reinstall every Program and ... )

    What i did found out was, on 1809 Guys pls check your Task Manager when you Boot Win10 1809 about Antimalware.. What is your CPU Utilization ? My goes ****ing high! ( 30% wasnt like that on prev. Builds )
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