Do you know what's up with that? I'm wondering if it's my Linksys E1000 wired / wireless router. I was getting knocked offline by something the last 2-3 weeks, about once a day, and it would always get back online after I'd unplug my modem and router for a minute then plug them back in. Sometimes on facebook, like I was just sending a PM to someone, a popup came up and said "Log in to continue" with the button to log in then after I clicked it, the page reloaded and I had to type the PM over again.

I had Charter cable man come here last week to check this out. He said his gear is OK and suspected either my Ethernet port or my router. Was going to buy a new router but I called Linksys instead, actually it's now Belkin. She guided me to a firmware update and said that should fix it. I have not got kicked offline since that update but I don't know what the facebook logging off thing is all about. Can you advise me? TIA.