My old Dell GX620 refused to start up the other day so I took the hard drives out and put them in another GX620 case I had, with Windows 7. Then I bought a used Dell 960 with Win10 later in the day to have as a spare but I guess I'll run the Win10 and sideline the Win7 PC. The Win10 runs real good. Can you advise me which software is best to keep it running well? I got Irfanview, Glary Utilities. Should I also get Spywareblaster and C Cleaner?
I've been using MS Edge browser and I kind of like it. It's a bit sluggish on facebook sometimes but not bad. I might keep running it. I was running Chrome on the Win7 PC. The onboard AV and Firewall seem to be secure.

TIA for any tips.