Over the past couple of years I've found myself exploring the Web less and less and repeatedly viewing a list of 20 or so bookmarked websites that I consider "necessary" in order to stay informed. I'm really starting to feel like I'm boxed in. At times I've considered deleting all my bookmarks and just starting from ground zero. Making a pact with myself to stop viewing the old sites and move on.

My current list includes a bicycle forum, a couple of computer/technology news sites, the usual NYTimes, WaPo and LATimes websites along with the 'bay, CL, shopGoodwill and a guitar/music information/forum site. Although these do help keep me informed I still sometimes feel like I'm just refreshing the pages waiting for something new to pop up. I do have other outside interests (archery, gardening, etc) and I will frequent them by doing a web search when necessary.

Not only do I need to start spending less time in front of a screen, I would like to break away from the norm and expand and diversify the sites that I frequent. I'd really like to know some of the off the beaten path sites that you (not MadDoctor) guys (gals) frequent and find useful/interesting. I really need a new jump-start. I'm really close to deleting my bookmarks and moving on to something completely new.

(Does any of that make sense?)