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Thread: Cant seem to login into my ip address

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    Cant seem to login into my ip address

    Just entered my ip but it didnt respon
    My ip is could anyone help me.thanks

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    We would need more information in order to help.
    Where are you entering your IP?
    What are you trying to connect to?

    Assuming you are entering your IP address in a web browser, and that you are trying to connect to your modem/router/gateway, you would need to enter its "internal" LAN IP address. Most modems/gateways these days are designed to provide NAT and serve LAN IPs to client devices. Assuming you are using Windows, try command prompt --> type: ipconfig --> find the "Default Gateway" IP address. This is most likely the LAN IP of your modem/router/gateway device, that's the one you need to type in your browser to connect to it.

    If it is a cable modem, it may also be at . We also have an extensive database of over 4000 routers/modems with their corresponding IPs and default admin logins on the main site.

    I hope this helps.
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