Comcast Throttling Speeds Proof
The History
My internet speed for the 6 months has been on average 5 Mbps download 24 Mbps upload. It looks like Comcast is throttling my speeds and trying to do so without being noticed. When I run a speed test using Comcast speed test I get 150 Mbps but when I use any other speed test service the max I am getting is between 5 Mbps and 20 Mbps. All of my streaming videos are not working, and my downloads are delayed. Right now, I am downloading a 1 GB file and it is taking over 40 minutes. This is not a temporary outage as it has been like this for the last 6 months, and it doesn't look like a connection issue as my upload speeds are fine.

Speed Test Proof Of Comcast Speed Throttling
Why am I paying for 150 Mbps internet when most of the time my speeds are under 20 Mbps? There have been multiple service calls, chat supports, home visits, etc. for this is issue and it still is not resolved. Why you ask, well I donít have TV service and stream my media. It is clear by the speed tests what is happening. Comcast is making sure their speed test service and Ookla's speed test are not throttled so it is not noticeable. When I run a speed test using other devices (PS4, FireTV, etc.) or other speed test services (Google,, etc.) I never am getting more than 20 Mbps.

Speed tests on servers not owned by comcast:

Comcast Throttling Speeds.PNG

Down: 22.9

Up: 19.8


Down: 15.2

Up: 23.8

Down: 10.77

Up: 25.77

Down: 6.03

Up: 22.29

Down: 3.7

Up: 16.7

Down: 13.7

As you can see there is some variation between the less common speed test servers but not much they are all in a +-19 Mbps range. These tests were running one after another. Another interesting thing to note is the speeds get slower and slower. Why is this interesting? Well if you donít stream video or download large files like 50% of the us you would never notice this as your occasional YouTube video or small file download would at fast speed. This throttling is specifically target at those who stream a lot of large size media (1080p and 4k movies and tv). Whereby the speed progressively gets slower and slower until the media no longer plays and must buffer.

Comcast Throttling Speeds Proof.PNG

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Comcast Faking Speeds With
Now look when using comcasts speed test or Ookla( (owned by Comcast and using comcasts speed test server)

up: 147.75

down: 22.96

down: 103.79

up: 24.16

Comcast Speed Throttling Proof Conclusion
Hmm, speeds are much faster by a huge variation for comcast owned speed tests. Also, these are the tests customer service agents are trained to tell customers to use then they complain of slow speeds. Coincidence? I think not.

So if any comcast reps ever read this, my challenge is to prove me wrong. Have my speeds that I PAY FOR be what they are supposed to be consistently.

I do not own or take responsibility for this post i found it on another forum and it makes complete sense to me because comcast is doing this to me too..