The 3 Internet optimization tools for the average person like me that dont know how to manually tweak the settings,
These I have tested so far and I have 250mp3 cable internet and i didnt really notice much on before or after running each one. Yes i reset the settings back to windows default before i optimized each time.
Pro version IObit Internet Booster" Part of the advanced systemcare Suite

Pro Version of Iolo System mechanic pro NETBOOSTER

And the last one I used is FREE its called
SG TCP Optimizer

I Bet if someone combined all of the best settings in these 3 programs into 1 program is wouls be AMAZING!!!!!!!
If I knew how to program I would take the best of all the programs and combine it into one to make the best internet optimization software EVER!!
have you used any of these if so which one? I always do a before and after each time i run an internet booster program