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Thread: Another way to fix hitreg and card draws! Best settings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by n1kobg View Post
    Hi there st1cky, Its good thing you post these screenshots for comparisson.
    These are some of miine:

    Do you use Defender? It seems to have noticable impact in FPS shooters. I see my frametimes are lower so im asking whats differend in your Windows. For 500fps you should have 2ms average if you do the math.
    I added option in G-Booster to "pause" Defender when gaming.
    First apology that I answer so late.
    I always completely disable "Windows Defender" because it unnecessarily consumes resources and is not good for gaming.
    Since "Windows 1803/1809" the functions of Windows Defender have been improved, but this also consumes more resources. ( Antimalware Funktion )

    I also found out that ASUS motherboards have The High Precision Event Timer (HPET) turned on, Default. Its hidden Setting in the BIOS.
    I've been working a lot on the BIOS lately. And it's not difficult to make the hidden settings visible in the BIOS.

    And since recently it is not as it was possible to deactivate Cortana via the Registry.
    I recommend the "apps" you do not want to rename the path mentioned below. And disable Windows Updates.
    You can rename Folder what you dont want or delete with Unlocker to Kill running Processes.

    I am currently using Windows 1803 and I have found out that I am the best hitreg with the Manufacture drivers. ( ASUS - i dont use newest Drivers except for GPU-Nvidia )

    Quote Originally Posted by n1kobg View Post
    I dont think TcpAckFrequency works in Windows 10, maybe 8 or 7. Not going to work as far as Im concern.
    Correct its not working because maybe of wrong RegistryPath and dword. But it should work with the correct path or we need to modify some System-Files(or Driver) to get write permission as User.
    Most Settings can only modified with TrustedUser, blame Microsoft for that.

    All my work has been lost because my external hard drive is accidentally deleted. But I will continue to work soon.

    Performance Loss:
    - Windows Cortana
    - Windows Defender ( AntiMalware )
    - Windows Updates ( CPU Microcodes, Meltdown and Spectre " 1803/1809 " )
    - Background Apps

    Meltdown and Spectre:
    You dont need newest Update ( BIOS ). It comes now with Windows 1803/1809, but you can Disable it with this Tool.

    Windows Defender
    I use DWS to Disable Windows Defender. ( Old Version )

    Background Apps
    I use WPD.
    WPD | The real privacy dashboard

    Regards St1cky
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    For more Information about Intel Microcodes Update

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    I also rename Cortana and disable a bit more other related processes & tasks. I have to 2 ways to disable Defender - permanently & "pause" it. I started to create my own tools for the things I need to tweak.
    I know these programs, I have them in my blog plus few more along with the other things you talk about here. Also disable the microcodes for Meltdown and Spectre through the registry. There is a small app for that btw (what was the name, i forgot-Spectre something...) anyway I have it in the blog as well.

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