So I was helping at a small business, they have (2) Dell Inspiron 570 Desktop PC's and wanted to upgrade the memory. This is to support Sage Accounting. Both PC's are identical. They currently have 4GB (2 x 2GB). And 2 open slots. They bought (2) 2GB Memory Chips, per the Dell User Guide, 1066Mhz, DDR3, non-ECC. I installed them. The BIOS does not see the extra memory (even after a BIOS Update). Windows does see it, but will not use it. They have Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Bit Edition. Which means they should support up to 16GB. I did numerous Google searches and tried all I saw, changing the Boot Memory in MSCONFIG, doing the BIOS Update, etc. Nothing worked. I even tried placing all (4) new chips in one computer (taking out the original 2), in this configuration I got the memory beeps. Went back to (2) Original and (2) new Updates. Windows shows TOTAL MEMORY 8.00GB (3.75 Useable). Can anyone help figure this out? Because of so many programs on one of these computers, they want to avoid buying a new computer to replace this one.