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Thread: Fare well, east coasters

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    Fare well, east coasters

    Father and sister about 1 hour inland NC.
    They just said it's calm but the air is acting really f*cking weird.

    Hoping the best for anyone in Florence's path.

    Hurricane Fran almost took out my parent's house 22 years 2 weeks ago.

    150+ year-old tree came through the attic, then the second story ceiling.

    Pinned my mother to the bed with broken 2x4s, impaled the bed where my father had just been, but he'd just gotten up to take a piss.

    A modern house would've been toast.

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    Thinking about the Carolinas being pounded by Florence as well, flooding seems to be the big issue.

    Glad your parents made it ok out of Fran 22 years ago, sounds like a really close call.
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