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Thread: Used to shoplifters, this is new

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    Used to shoplifters, this is new

    Guy came into my (our) pet store today while we're open, full of employees and customers.

    Went to our fish room, whipped a Sharpie out of his sock, and tagged our wall.

    Employee walked up and scared the sh*t out of him, he muttered something about paying for it next time, and split.

    After confronting him in the parking lot I followed him (run/walk/run) for 3 blocks to the town square, where he proceeded to sit down on a bench.

    Stood behind a parked van where I could watch him. Had a walkie with work but no phone.

    Spoke with a cop after about 10 minutes, he pulled up behind the guy.

    Dude ran for 4 blocks and got tacked by two 280 pound cops. No fat.

    Out of Pelican Bay for 2 days...and he does this?

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    Some people just don't want to learn... He probably has some metal disorder too.


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