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Thread: Internet Speed Test Issues

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    Angry Internet Speed Test Issues

    So i have the 1gig plan from mediacom. However, we are having issues with speed tests. My iphone 6s on wifi gives me 300 mbps on 5ghz, which makes sense because that is the max for the 6s. On we get 700mbps in browser, 900+in the downloaded app. However, on sites like and, we are only getting download speeds of 27 mbps on a wired connection, and 50 up, which is what we are paying for upload wise. Why is 1gig internet only getting 27mbps download on these sites, while is getting much higher? Im not paying a 1gig price to get 27 mbps download.....

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    With higher speeds like that, it may not be possible to get the full speed to one single site/server, as they'd have to have many times your bandwidth to accommodate multiple users at the same time. Also, when you connect to a web server your packets travel through a number of hops, each serving many users at the same time, and you are limited by each of their capacities, as they try to slow down any one user's traffic to a manageable level.

    Usually the further away a test server is, the slower the connection will be. You are measuring the speed of the slowest link between you and that server, at that particular point in time. Also, different test servers are set in a different way, some may measure a simple connection, 2-4 consecutive streams of traffic, or many concurrent streams (as in the case with The test servers with more streams will give you a higher reading, however, they may not represent real-world performance of your connection to one single server. It is a controlled environment of multiple streams to a specially configured server close to you.

    I hope this helps to explain the wild variations somewhat.

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    Did you go into the modem and uncheck 2.4ghz..leave only 5ghz.
    For some uncanny reason it solved my speed issues

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