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Thread: If this is true I'm sick to my stomach.

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    If this is true I'm sick to my stomach.

    Georgia police use Taser on 87-year-old woman using knife to cut dandelions

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    Good grief,
    ""An 87-year-old woman with a knife still has the ability to hurt an officer," Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge told the Daily Citizen-News of Dalton."

    Ability to hurt what...a drugged tree sloth?
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    Police asks people to remain calm while facing a loaded gun, yet the trained officers can overreact out of fear of losing control, even against an elderly.. There is something wrong with their training to control situations imho. Probably not everywhere, but seems there are too many situations like that, sometimes leading to unnecessary fatalities.

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    She's lucky they didn't shoot her to death

    Cops (sovereign citizens) are idiots

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