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Thread: Odd Speed

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    Odd Speed

    Hi Philip!

    My ISP has my speed bursting up to 500Mbps. When I'm using VPN my speed is either up to 50Mbps or up to 160Mbps. Most of the time it's the former.

    My work around in order to get the higher speed, 160Mbps, is to disconnect and reconnect my VPN until such time I get that speed. This process sometimes takes so long or no success at all. In that case you'll be stuck at 50Mbps. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Is there some setting that I could tweak?



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    Hello Mark.

    There could be a lot of things in play. First, it depends on the type of your internet connection. "Bursting" means it is not sustained at such speed, you don't mentions what your sustained speed is without a VPN.

    Establishing a VPN connection tunnel introduces additional packet handling, encryption, re-encapsulation. This taxes the end devices with a lot more processing, so their hardware capabilities may be the culprit. There are multiple protocols possible (TCP vs UDP), and different types of tunnels (Open VPN, PPtP, IPSec). I would experiment with changing the protocol and type of VPN first, to see if it makes a difference.

    Also, if you are using a VPN provider they usually use many different servers at different locations, disconnecting/reconnecting may simply be through a different, less congested server.

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