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Thread: Are these acceptable for US/DS/SNR

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    Are these acceptable for US/DS/SNR

    I recently moved to a new apartment and in terms of the cable runs/connections for my building I've run into a couple of issues that have been temporarily solved. Now that I have a working signal I would like to know if my upstream, downstream, and SNR ratings are acceptable, and what can potentially be done to fix/help them if necessary. Based on the channel my downstream ranges from -9dB to -2dB, my upstream is 57dB (which as far as I've read is bad), and my SNR ranges from 35-38dB; I've included a SS of the modem/routers connection status.

    A simple explanation of the cable line to my apartment: Pole > Building 15' from street > cable runs into splitter > short 3' run to an amplifier (not sure on the rating as cox installed it) > approx 200-300' down a hill to my building (under ground so hard to know the actual length) > f-f coax joiner > approx 80' run to my router from corner of building.

    Moving forward I'm wondering if I should have another amplifier installed where the underground cable comes into my building, and what sort of gain I should be looking for on the amplifier. When I finalize the connection, the run from the potentially new amplifier to my wall outlet would be 100'.

    Another side question, does the dB gain on amplifiers directly alter upstream, downstream, and SNR? For example, if my DS is -9dB, US 57db, and SNR 38, is a flat 15dB added to all of those values at the node?

    *apologies if this isn't in the proper sub forum

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    Amplifiers are not always good, they amplify both signal and noise at the same time (not linear correlation), many are single direction, and the connectors introduce some additional loss.

    Check out this FAQ to understand the signal/power/noise values a bit better:

    Your downstream power is within normal parameters, removing any splitter before the cable modem would be the best improvement for that, but it should work as is.
    SNR looks good.

    Upstream Power is too high, ideally it should be between 42-53dbmV. Higher power means your cable modem has to "scream" to be heard by the head-end when transmitting, because of noise on the line, or amplifiers, too much length/resistance, or whatever other reason.

    If there is any splitter before your modem/router, this may be replaced with a tap, or eliminated to improve the signal quality. Any open coax ends, or lose connections should be terminated/closed to reduce noise, that may help with the upstream power as well. High upstream power means noise on the line, or something else going on that a technician may be able to troubleshoot somewhere upstream between you and the pole.

    I hope this helps.

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