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Thread: VPN Connection Problem

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    VPN Connection Problem

    Since the Windows 10 update, every time I try to connect to my VPN, I get the BSOD. The last time I tried to connect, prior to this, was March, 2018. What could have changed?

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    There is not enough information to help. How do you connect to your VPN? Is the software you are using Windows 10 compatible? I would seek support with your VPN provider, they should be able to offer some solution or alternate connection type.

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    Usually BSOD indicates a device problem, normally a piece of hardware.

    VPN's are known to add devices in the software section of the device manager. Have a look there. You may see a device flagged.
    If not, find the VPN devices and reinstall the drivers.

    You could also check your event logs for possible indications of where the problem lies.

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