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Thread: Someone is spying

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    Someone is spying

    Hello everyone I'm new here just wanted to ask anyone else who may know is it possible for someone to get into a personal mobile phone and change settings listen in on conversations get my emails and gosh so much other stuff that I'm starting to notice. I have looked over and over for apps in my phone to see if anyone downloaded any but nothing how is this happening. I please help so angry and violated in San Bernardino Calif.

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    Assuming you are using an Android phone, there are a number of mobile antivirus programs you can run to check for malicious apps. I'd also turn off developer options, installations of apps from unknown sources, and make sure your phone is running stock firmware (not rooted). You can always reset the phone to the factory default and just install apps you are sure of.

    Other than that there are other venues off attack where someone may be reading your emails, if you use web-based email like gmail they may have hacked/guessed your password, for example, etc. If someone has physical access to your phone that may be the culprit as well.

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