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Thread: Wifi transfer app

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    Wifi transfer app

    Anyone have any suggestions for an app that will transfer files from one Android phone to another?

    Used to use AirDroid to transfer 700MB movie files from my PC to my tablet, but the new version caps the size at maybe 5MB or so.

    Have tried Feem and WiFi File Transfer and AirMore and several others.

    They all have limited transfer size or just don't work correctly.

    Only reason I want something like this is to leech music off my friends, so I don't want to pay for something I couldn't have them use also.

    Bluetooth and NFC are way too slow.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    plug phone in PC and transfer via USB ?

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    Tried the native NFC Beam that Android has had built in?
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    The new phone wouldn't happen to be a Samsung?

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