After having up to 650 records and a few turntables over the last 45 years, I got rid of most of them but a handful of ones I couldn't part with.
Now I want to get that nice vinyl sound back again.

I think I've got a nice Philips 777 lined up for about $25 with a Shure cartridge
I'm also interested in a USB TT. With a USB TT I'm wondering what I could do with that.
Transfer records to MP3 and then possibly play the MP3 player instead of the TT? Would that make sense?

I have a bunch of albums on a 16 GB USB flash drive and today I plugged that into my audio / USB port in my 2014 Hyundai Elantra and was amazed at the sound quality. But they say you need to remove the drive when you start the car or turn it off or possibly damage the flash drive.. I mostly do around town driving so perhaps I won't play many MP3s in the car.

Do you know of a good way to play MPs albums over my vintage audio system?
I guess I could get a Sandisk MP3 player for about $30 and then just get a "Y" connector cord to turn it into 2 channel.

If the old Philips TT works out I might be all set with that, or maybe I'll also get a USB TT also.
Audio Technica makes one for about $100 with an AT cartridge.