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Thread: Looking for some help with edge router pro setup hack

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    Exclamation Looking for some help with edge router pro setup hack

    Okay so my networks been hacked, (please sonít Ask how I know itís a long story and I know), I had a edge router pro set up by a hacker and he had all known bad ports tunnels setting etc blocked, and it worked. However he became compromised and obtained secret company formulas in exchange for router passwords and skill set. All this stuff is above my head and I have spent almost two years dealing with this not to mention tens of thousands of dollars and Iím in a bad spot and broke at the moment. Phones, computers, anything digital is compromised and I need to know if there is somewhere I can download the configuration I need to set it up like it was before the compromise and take back my network. Any help would be appreciated and sorry but I am so burnt out on this stuff and I really donít get 90% of it. Thanks in advance.

    Oh and what Iím working with if you need to know:
    Frontier Fios router
    Google onhubs
    3 network switches
    Ubiquity edge router pro 8 port
    Windows 10 pc
    No computer is working all have burnt out tho.

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    Also, one good thing about the hack, for some reason I get to see all the sites they visit through out the day, where my data’s going, how they communicate etc. learned all kinds of cool ****.

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    Dealing with so many devices individually will take time.

    You should disconnect from the Internet and work on them one at a time. You can reset the Ubiquity router and the Fios router, change their passwords, and set them so that the admin panels are only accessible locally. You should know the proper configuration/IPs before you wipeout all settings though. Here is a quick start guide for the Ubiquity router showing how to reset it:

    Then you'd have to clean all other devices from malware/backdoors before connecting them back to the network. If you don't feel qualified to do this, get someone locally to help!
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