So ya, NVMe SSDs, they are godly.

Built a new system and seeing the advertised numbers of the NVMe stuff I had to give it a try. Made sure I'd have a 4x pcie 3.0 capable slot and support for it. Didnt expectr to hit the claimed speeds(similar to how I never did with HDDs) but I wanted to get as close as possible.

The Samsung 960 EVO advertises 3200 MB/sec sequential read speed and 1900 MB/sec sequential write speed.

The actual result, well from benchmark softrware, is 3301 MB/sec sequential read speed and 1854 MB/sec sequential write speed.

Really is amazing, so my PSA is get NVMe SSDs Or at least systems that support them.

They are the ****. No upgrade has ever felt so drastic. Load times in games, photo editing software loading, large install files like Nvidia driver packages, all load up in a second.
Also, felt so weird installing it with the angled start and then pressing it flat.