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Thread: SG is 19 yo

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    Thanks, I'm not sure what email I used but my AMD Athlon and 32MB Nvida card are out of date. I'll reset all of that including my old ISP Cox.

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    Happy Belated Birthday! Many memories from the early years...damn, we are all getting old!

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    I think I started to post here in about 2001. Under Crump, originally. I found this site trying to troubleshoot something PC related. Every now and again i pop in and say hi. The real test of time this site brings, though, is once in awhile, I see a thread of someone passing away. Some really great people have been a member and contributed to this site in a technological way, and more so, in a personal manner. I'm glad to see this site hasn't gone away and that it is still very useful for technology and personal touches.
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