I was just helping someone today who has gotten a new computer. In the past, we set it up with Acronis True Image Home 10 and that worked. It did a full image each night. Giving easy protection if HDD goes bad, install new one, restore image, you have Windows, all programs and all data back. Yet with the older versions of Acronis, it was very easy to extract just one file out of the image (in case you needed to recover a file accidentally deleted or corrupted). Well now with Windows 10, that version would not work. I know from experience, the newest versions of Acronis are GARBAGE, they are BLOATED and VERY DIFFICULT to use. In Fact, even though I work with computers and backup programs extensively. I was unable to restore an older image this other person had, simply because his newer Acronis could not see that backup in it's directory of backups.

Does anyone know of another program that would provide the same functionality of the older versions of Acronis, but be simple to use?