Summary: my downloads are being capped by windows 10 and I cant figure out why, what's going on?

Long version: I hate the new windows interface (the last good windows version was XP), with the 'apps' instead of programs and the metro menu instead of the old start menu. I'm on a pc, not a tablet, sod off with your touchscreen interface and apps. I dont have a touchscreen and so on. So I said fck it, and switched to linux. The problem is that it's annoying for my friends. I tried, but specific games just dont want to work on linux and even if they do it makes playing together a hassle. I partially solved it by having 4 ubuntu's, so that that if I change something to fix one game and break everything, it only takes out that particular game and not the other ones. Anyway, I had to fold and get Windows 10. For things like Total War Arena, Rainbow Six Siege and other stuff we like to play together and havent really been able to because of me, so I folded, for the greater good. It's a completely seperate machine, with a clean, fresh, legal windows 10. For whatever reason, it caps my downloads at 6 mb/s. Rainbow Six Siege for example is 54 GB, that takes a while at 6 mb/s. It seems to be 6 mb/s for each seperate application, not in total. Still, there's a lot of stuff to install now, it being a fresh clean empty windows and while 6 mb isnt horrible, it's still slower than it has to be and it's annoying the heck out of me. It's more of a mental sanity thing than a real problem.