I have an older Highgain Antennas 8186 CPE/AP/Router that I would like to setup as a wireless AP. I need to take advantage of the POE feature since I am locating it on my rooftop. The POE only functions in the WAN port, none of the LAN ports are POE. I have done this type of setup before using other router/APís but those did not employ POE using only the WAN port. Normally I would attached the Ethernet cable to a LAN port and assign a static IP and kill DHCP but now I am not sure how to setup this device because of the WAN port connection requirement.

My first decision is the operation mode and those choices are:
WISP Client
Router (WAN Ethernet)
Router (WAN Wireless)

I have tried setting it up in Bridge mode but I canít get it to allow other devices to connect and be assigned an IP address.

Can anyone give me some guidance?