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Thread: How do I get my promised upload speed

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    How do I get my promised upload speed

    I have frontier internet. I am promised 100 mbps down and 100 mbps down. When I run several different speed tests from various sites my download speed is correct, but my upload speed is only 10 mbps. I ran the optimizer and it is not fixing my upload speeds. The computer I'm on runs windows 10 and is about 4 months old. My router is a verizon gateway router with ac and I'm running on the 5 ghz band.

    Any ideas on how I can get the promised upload speeds. Frontier just keeps blaming my computer or router. I think I have a good router and a good computer to test with. I have tried both hard wired and wireless and it makes no difference. When I run wireless I make sure my device is the only one using the router.

    Please help!

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    oops I meant 100 down and 100 up

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    Are you using a wired Ethernet connection, or a wireless one? Many consumer Wi-Fi routers are limited by their processing power and Wi-Fi radios and can't push those kinds of speeds.

    If you are on wired, you should probably complain to Frontier about it. I just tested some Frontier fiber connection in Tampa, FL the other day, same advertised rate as you (100down/up), and they were getting ~85 down and ~30Mbps upstream.

    Seems Frontier is overstating their upstream as well, you should be getting a lot more than 10Mbps.

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